Monday, August 29, 2016

Things To Do To Fix Wall Hairline Cracks

Hairline Cracks on walls at times signify a very serious, architectural issue. Essentially the most frequent interior paint issues are the appearance of the hairline cracks. If we reside in Singapore, where the weather is frequently humid and warm, then we stand a level greater chance for hairline cracks to seem in the wall paint. Nevertheless, there are scenarios when the paint cracks since it was improperly applied.

The majority of Singapore houses have small hairline cracks in the wall, as the humidity is just too high and it has a direct impact on the paint. Don't even think that simply because the cracks are smaller, they will not get bigger. Actually, hairline cracks have a tendency to get worse over time, particularly if no steps are taken to enable them to be fixed. The most notable causes contributing to the appearance of hairline cracks in fresh paint is the Climate. The key culprit, as we have experienced for ourselves, relates to the truth that Singapore is situated in a tropical climate. Even so, it doesn't mean there are not some things we can do so as to solve the issue. This is what we can do to fix the hairline cracks in the walls.

Things to do to fix hairline cracks on walls

1. Determine the Wall Type
The initial step to fix cracks in walls is to figure out what the cracked wall incorporates. Whether we are handling a concrete wall, a dry wall or a plaster wall, also known as sheetrock, wallboard or plasterboard impacts the way in which we should begin fixing the crack.

2. Analyze the Cracks

a. If Not too deep
If the hairline cracks aren't too deep, then we may be able to fix the problem much easier than we think about. Simply take one of those scrapers which are widely used for the prep of the spot to be painted and try to take away the loose paint. The spot in which we have taken out the paint ought to be sanded as a way to soften the edges. Then, make sure to prime the area, once we would usually do with any kind of our wall which is going to be painted. Finally we can apply paint to the surface area and wait for it to dry off before we apply a new layer, if that is essential.

b. If deep
If the hairline cracks are too deep and they have been through all the paint layers, then we may need to take an exclusive material as a way to fill the cracks. Only as we have applied filling materials, we can use a whole new coat of paint in the region.

3. Cleaning the cracks
To paint the hairline crack, to start with, we should consider cleaning it prior to going ahead for the paint. To perform the cleaning we can draw out all the loose contaminants and we can try to take away the dirt with all the right equipment. Additionally, if possible, we can make use of a top quality vacuum cleaner and we can pull all the dust and dirt from it. This will help us have a great outcome in all the after steps and it will eliminate the problems also for us later on work.

4. Filling the cracks
There exist several fillers out there in the market and we can pick one of the best for filling. Whenever we do the filling in the hairline cracks, then we have to ensure that we do the filling up correctly and if a crack is much deeper, then we do not do the shallow filling. Also, we ought to do this filling in the whole crack line without missing. This one safety measure will assure we don't leave any of the pages un-turned and we obtain the good result with it.

5. Evening out the cracks
We can get an excellent smooth and sleek finish in the hairline crack and paint only when we smoothen out the fillings. For this level of smoothness, we could scrap the entire spreading or filling up using a very good quality scraper. This scrapper can take away all the leftover residues from the area and it will also provide a smooth finish.

6. Letting the filling to dry
If we'd paint the hairline cracks prior to drying it, then we won't be getting the beneficial outcome at all. To prevent such issues, it is highly recommended that we allow the filling to dry. In a regular situation it might take a day and if required then let it dry for 2 days also. In Singapore, occasionally weather could be very damp and that might take additional time as well. So, whatever time that it takes to make sure we allow it to dry and we start the paint work thereafter.

7. Checking the cracks
Once filling is totally dried, then we have to look into the cracks again and we need to ensure there aren't cracks in it. At times this may occur once the filling is dried out and if we paint on this kind of hairline cracks, then it might improve much more. To prevent such issue, it is highly recommended that people cross check the same once again and do the painting properly.

8. Painting
After this we could paint the wall making use of high quality paint and we can do the painting in step-by-step manner. When we do the paint, then we have to ensure that we stick to the right methods for painting and we should also do it utilizing appropriate tools. These are important and if we can do it wisely, then this is a guarantee that we could have an excellent outcome owning no troubles whatsoever. Also, we don't have to be worried about more difficulties or issues if we get it done in right ways, then we'd be able to have a very beneficial outcome for actually very long time.

There are solutions to fixing the hairline cracks that can be found in our paint. Guaranteed, provided the tropical climate of Singapore, we will possibly have to endure such troubles all of our life. If we're feeling like we can't deal with the mending of the hairline cracks on our very own, then we can often call up a group of professionals and allow them to handle the actual restoration process. They can also discover the actual cause that resulted in the appearance of hairline cracks and advise procedures or actions we can take in order to counteract their appearance in the foreseeable future and soon we will have the most amazing, freshly painted walls.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

6 Best Color To Paint Your HDB

The many Singaporeans living in HDB units think that they cannot run their imagination wild as they are stuck with similar type of design. But, this is a misconception. In fact, revamping or changing such a unit according to your style and preference is much easier than renovating a townhouse or building. Yes, just by painting your unit, you can make it homely and aesthetically pleasing. But, here it should be mentioned that it will be only possible if you choose the right color to paint the unit.

You need to choose a color that goes with the décor your own or the theme you want to portray. Beside this, you also need to make sure that you are painting the chosen color correctly and effectively so that you get the best result. Do not be overwhelmed by all this, as here the 6 best colors that will most definitely suit your HDB unit have been mentioned here. Along with the 6 different colors, some tips about painting such a unit are also mentioned for your convenience, so do read on to know more:

1. Photogenic White
Many Singaporeans think that the color White is best for offices and not for homes. But, white is an excellent color for homes, especially for a HDB unit. Most units suffer from lack of natural light and if you live in such a unit then white is your best option. It can, in a matter of minutes, make the place brighter. Beside this, most Singaporeans who are into social media and/or photography are considering this color for their unit as it makes the room much more photogenic. Besides, other reasons why white happens to be a great choice are as follows:

It will go with a same color themed décor or mix-and-match décor.
It is a clam and peaceful color.
It goes well with any other color.

2. Soothing Green
With so many different shades and texture of green available in the market today, you can turn a plain old unit into your dream home quite easily. With options like aqua green, pale green, mint, forest green and in textures like egg-shell finish or pearl smooth finish, you can transform each and every room according to the décor and your preference while maintaining the theme. Besides, “Earth” tone colors like green can calm your nerve and bring your inner peace every time you come home after a long day. Besides, other reasons to why green is a popular choice in Singapore are as follows:

It is perfect for highlighting something as the color does not saturate a room.
The “one with the nature” vibe of the color is very soothing.
The lighter shades are perfect for traditional décor while the darker shades are perfect backdrop for modern décor.

3. Versatile Beige
It you feel that you are living in a tight space, then the perfect color to paint your unit will be Beige. This is because; this color can make all the rooms in the unit look wider and much more open. The neutral tone of all shades of beige can act as a perfect backdrop for your expensive hanging art or family pictures. One of the reasons why beige is currently a popular choice will have to be because it compliments any color themed décor. Besides, other reasons to choose beige are as follows:

It provides an elegant and sophisticated touch to all rooms.
By mixing & matching the different shades you can achieve the accent wall design at a fraction of cost.
It compliments bold colors quite well.

4. Bright Yellow
Singaporeans mainly complain that because of the tight space in a unit they feel a bit confined. But, with a bright and bold yellow shade you can immediately bring a pop of energy to your boring unit. Because of the harsh summer weather, almost every Singaporean has installed an aircon which is a great but it does cut off the sun which is also another thing many complain about. Here also, bright color like yellow can help to brighten the unit and you will feel that you are enjoying sunrays all the time. Besides, other reasons why yellow makes a perfect choice are as follows:

It can provide a unique and vibrant feel to any room.
The color yellow is a great backdrop.
It goes with classic as well as contemporary décor.

5. Rustic Brown

Most Singaporeans own furniture that are wooden, and if you too own wooden furniture then the right choice of color for you should be brown. With darker shades of brown you can most definitely bring a rustic and homely feeling to your unit. But, if you own modern décor and/or furniture then you can try lighter shades of brown as this “Earth” tone color goes with every style. The elegant feel of the color makes it a great choice for accent wall also. Besides, other reasons to choose brown for your unit are as follows:

It can provide the option to paint darker color without dulling the unit.
It goes well with bright as well as dark colors.
It can provide a warm and relaxing feel.

6. Glamorous Black
When it comes to coloring a HDB unit most Singaporean will not even dream of choosing the color Black. But, this color is just want you need to bring that “it” factor to a plain unit. But, it is advised that you paint only one wall or the corners of the room black instead of all the walls to achieve the desired glamorous and bold effect. If your unit is already freshly painted and you are looking for a way to spice up your home then the color black will be perfect choice. Besides, as you will be painting few walls only instead of all walls with black, so it is also a much cheaper choice too. Besides, other reasons why you should choose black are as follows:

It can provide a stunning contrast effect with other colors.
It will go well with any style of décor.
It requires low maintenance.

Tips to keep in mind while painting a unit:

It is very important to apply paint on dry and clean surface to achieve a smooth finish.
If you use a primer before applying the paint then you will get a long lasting result.
If you are applying paint on all the walls then it will be best to remove all décor and furniture instead of covering them to be safe.
It will be best to opt for a professional if you do not know how to paint or do not own all the tools.

So now that you know everything, it is time to pick the shade you want so that you can start the process of transforming your HDB unit as soon as possible.

Monday, February 15, 2016

8 Painting Ideas For Office in 2016

This is not a secret that all the employers want to have maximum productivity in their office. There is nothing wrong in this expectation and many employers or responsible people do everything to get this result. There are certain factors that can affect the productivity at any office in a positive or negative manner and paint of the office is one of those factors. If you make mistakes while painting your office, then you might get a dull and lifeless environment in your work place. I don’t need to explain this simple fact to you, that if you will have a dull working environment, then you are going to have only negative result for same. That is why, it is extremely important that you pay minute attention on your office painting work.

Here, I am sharing 8 painting idea for office in 2016 and it can certainly help you get great look with comfort and ease.

Avoid white color: This is true that white color is sign of peace and calmness, but in your office that might not be a good choice and I would never recommend you to use white color. White color is something that give a dull and lifeless feeling to many people and if they are surrounded by this color, then many of them feel they are in hospital. In a hospital you always get a feeling that is not very good and that is one big reason explaining why you should avoid using white color in your office. Same is the case for off white, cream and gravy color as well that can help you in this requirement with ease.

Choose bright color: Many employees always suggest their employers to use blue, light blue or green color. Other than this, they also give recommendation for red color for the office painting. In most of they situation they always recommend you to use bright colors for office painting and they always give less value to dull or non-inspiring colors. That means you should avoid using grey color to motivate people and you can use green to keep them motivated. Just selection of bright color will help you get the best outcome having no troubles at all.

Give a contrast: In year 2016, you should paint your office with a contrast design. That means if you have dark color furniture’s in your office, then you should choose some light yet bright colors for painting your office. Same is the case for curtain, blinds and other things as well. If you will plan your office painting without keeping these things in your mind, then you are going to have only positive result for same and you may get better outcome as well.

Add some graphics: Adding some graphics in your office along with painting is another good thing that you can do to give life to walls. When you will use graphics for your office painting, then you will be able to do things in much better way. For adding these graphics, you can simply paste some graphics on it and you can get good looks or you can do some painting on it. You can try the option which is suitable for you as per your choice. But this is certain that adding some graphics on the wall of your office along with painting will give a good look to your office.

Finishing is very important: If you are not paying attention on the finishing part, then all of your efforts will go to vein. This is extremely important that you do proper work in the finishing part. You should clean the walls before painting your office and you should also use proper finishing methods for same. If you will not have these basic precautions in your mind, then you are going to get negative result and a bad look in your office, So, it is extremely important that you do not make this mistake while painting your office to get a better look.

Don’t ignore any area: Sometime people have a tendency of ignoring those spaces or places that are non-visible to them. If you have this kind of area in your office and you are planning to ignore its painting due to any reasons, then I would ask you not to make this mistake. If you will make this mistake then you might need to paint that area again. Also, if someone visits that area due to any reason, then they might not get good feeling with it. So, make sure you do not make this mistake while taking their services.

Decorate with extras: Painting is one thing, but you can also add some other extras in it. These extras can include wind chime, some decorative pieces and other things. Indeed, this may sound funny for some people, but it can certainly add good look to your office. Other than this, you can also try to enhance the look of your office with some nice painting and other things. This will certainly help you get really good outcome in easy ways and you will not have any trouble as well while giving a new look to your office. You can also choose to showcase the painting or artwork by your employee’s kids and it will give a smile to your employees also when they will see masterpieces by their child’s.

Take help if needed: This is probably the most important thing that you have to remember while painting your office in 2016. Sometime you may not get all the essential things or details for painting your office. This extra help could be from some professional that know how to do the painting work in a proper manner or you can take some help from non-professional people as your assistant. Other than this, it is also important that you get right kind of tools and equipment’s for painting your office. That will certainly help you do your work in the best way and you will get good outcome as well in the painting work in your office.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

What Type of Paint Can be Used for Exterior Painting?

 In Singapore, painting a home’s exterior is considered to be a major undertaking. In order to achieve desired results, you need high quality tools, right kind of paint and strict guidelines to get the job done. With proper guidance and professional help, you are able to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. In this post, we have discussed everything you need to know about choosing the right exterior paint.

Color Options 

When it comes to exterior painting, it is important to consider the fixed colors in your home, such as stonework, brick, roof color and more. According to industry experts, the most flattering color options are the ones that match perfectly with these elements. You should choose a color that picks up the color palette of a non-painted area. For instance, green highlighting from the stonework or brown appearing in the brick area.

In addition to this, you need to understand that a home does not exist in isolation. The appearance of a home is affected by the overall appearance of neighboring homes. It is even affected by the trees and shrubs around it. Most people do not want to paint the home the same color as the next-door neighbor. However, you want to choose a shade that looks appealing alongside your neighbor’s property.

It is worth mentioning that some colors look more appealing in specific surroundings. For instance, earth shades are considered to be excellent in wooded areas. However, they may not be a suitable choice in other kinds of settings.

Another important factor to consider is the architectural layout of the home. There are times when a home looks more attractive when painted with period colors. Greek Revival and Formal Colonial homes always look good with muted interiors and white exteriors. On the other hand, Victorian homes look appealing with bold colors, which accentuate unique architectural details of the property.

Similarly, a safe approach to high quality exterior painting is to use beige, white and other neutral colors on the siding. The trim should be painted with darker accents. Dark brown is considered a good choice for exterior trim.

Paint Types 

Extreme cold or heat, prolonged exposure to Sun and moisture can take their toll on a home’s exterior. Therefore, it’s important to consider some crucial factors. When paint deteriorates over time, cracks in the substrate can be exposed. This lets moisture penetrate your home to cause damage. High quality paint is able to protect your home from extreme weather outside. At the same time, it allows moisture vapor to escape from the inside.

These days, almost every reputed paint company provides customers with a customized version of weatherproof coating. Elastomeric coatings are able to retain the stretchability and flexibility over different temperatures. Due to this, these coatings are getting extremely popular among homeowners residing in extreme weather or storm conditions. These coatings can be applied to many different kinds of surfaces.

Choosing the Exterior Paint 

One of the most important differences between exterior and interior painting is the number of surfaces to consider. With exterior painting, a homeowner or painter needs to consider a wide range of surfaces. There are many different options to choose from, including aluminium siding, clapboard siding, wood shingles, cedar shakes, tar shingles, concrete block, brick, stucco and old paint. In many older homes, you may find a combination of these different surfaces.

Fortunately, there’s a specific kind of paint available for each type of surface. In fact, some paints are suitable for multiple surfaces. Just like interior paints, even exterior paints are easily available in either solvent-thinned or water-thinned formulas. They are available in three different lusters, including semi gloss, gloss and flat.

However, there are many different characteristics that distinguish interior paint coatings from the ones outside the house. For instance, exterior paints are always more expensive. In addition to this, they contain more resin for durability and moisture resistance. Exterior paints also contain more pigment for color.

According to experts, it’s better to choose a paint on the basis of what you used before. Like interior paints, latex is preferred over latex, and alkyd is preferred over alkyd. In case you’re unsure about the kind of paint on your house, you should use an alkyd-base paint.

It’s worth mentioning that latex paints are easy to apply. Moreover, they dry quickly and minimize moisture problems. Cleaning them requires only water and soap. These paints don’t adhere well to alkyd-base or oil-base paints. They aren’t compatible with poorly prepared surfaces.

On the other hand, alkyds are considered to be very durable. But they dry slowly and can be difficult to work with. Moreover, when you’re using alkyd paints, it’s important to use solvents to clean rollers, brushes, drips and paint trays.

One characteristic of alkyd-base paints that’s much appreciated is the self-cleaning property. This offers a major benefit in terms of exterior painting. In simple terms, it’s called chalking. Over a certain period of time, the paint surface oxidizes. Every rainfall washes off some amount of paint along with dirt.

Due to this shedding, the paint surface keeps renewing itself. Earlier, this led to a minor problem in the form of chalky residue on shrubs and foundations. However, latest formulas have been able to eliminate this problem. This makes sure there’s no stain on the surface.

In Singapore, chalking paint isn’t recommended for every house. For instance, in areas with little rainfall, the powder may remain on the surface for a long time. This may dull the pain. Due to this, chalking paint may not prove to be worth the additional expense. If you live in extreme weather areas, it’s better to avoid this paint.

When it comes to Singapore, you can choose from a wide range of options. These days, many painters in Singapore have their own websites. This allows you to compare several options and look for a reputed painter in your area. In addition to this, you can check prices and go through customer reviews and testimonials. All this helps you make an informed choice to achieve positive results. You should never rush into a decision.

Monday, September 28, 2015

10 Misconceptions About Painting Services

To achieve the best appearance of your home you should seek for the best painting service from a painting service individual or company. Many people have misconceptions on painting, which prevent them from getting the best service and opt to do painting their way. The following are 10 misconceptions about painting service which should never influence you in improving the look of your home.

Misconception 1: All the paints are the same and therefore go for the cheapest

You should never fall into this misconception. Some people may try to make you believe that all the paints have the same ingredients and going for the cheapest will reduce your costs while getting the same lasting effects. But all the paints have ingredients which vary widely and which provide different result. Paints of a higher quality will have better resins and in large amount so it will provide good appearance and also last longer.

High quality paints have good pigments that cover the walls properly and are also less likely to fade. Some of them may even have additives that help you to brush them smoothly and faster. You have to realize that some of the ingredients in high quality paints are expensive and you may never find them in low quality paints.

Misconception 2: Oil primers are better than latex primers on wood

Both oil primers and latex primers will work better on wood surfaces although in some cases one will work better than the other. On a new wood that has a polished surface oil primer will work better. When a service person uses oil primer on a smoothed service, you can easily observe a shinny surface after examining it more closely or even when you sprinkle some water on the surface. In a situation where you want to use the latex paint, you should first sand it to dull the shine. Although at times it is better to use the oil primer as the wood will easily absorb it.

When used to spot prime knots and pitch pockets oil primers will work better. For the purpose, its better to select a special stain blocking primer. And once the spot priming dries, you will need to prime the whole surface.

Misconception 3: Outdoors oil stains are better than latex stains as they will last longer

It highly depends on the type of surface. Oil stains penetrates wood easier than latex stains and works best on rough surfaces like cedar shingles and rough sawn wood which soaks a lot of stain.

Semi-transparent oil stains will excel better in rough surfaces as you will be able to apply more coats and which will lead to better wood protection for a longer time and without hiding the natural texture or the grain. The stains can last for up to 7 years and are also easier to renew as you will only need to clean and then re apply.

Latex stains will excel better on smoothed wood surfaces. Over these surfaces, they won’t erode like the oil stains. You can use a solid latex stain on a smooth, vertical wood which should last for 4-6 years. An oil stain can never last more than three years on such a surface.

Misconception 4: Oils are hard to work with

The truth is that oils are easier to work with compared with other forms. Its slow drying ensures that accomplishment of blending passages is easier. Watercolors will lighten after they have dried and then get dull but oil paints are high saturated and therefore remain
the same for a longer period.

Misconception 5: Oil paints are messier than other forms of paints

Some people consider oil paints to be messier than other forms but they are not. How messier or not a paint will look will depend on the artist, but not on the type of paint. Like acrylics or water colors, oil paints will require a solvent for proper thinning, glazing and cleaning up. You may use 100% pure mineral spirit to clean up the messy after you have observed the effect.

Misconception 6: Turpentine is not for use in painting

For many years, turpentine has remained in use for painting services. Actually many years ago, it was the standard to use with oil paints as it was only the available solvent in market. But due to its unpleasant odor, many people consider turpentine substance unsuitable for painting services. If that’s the case you can consider odorless mineral solvents as good alternatives for use in oil paints.

Misconception 7: Oil paints are highly toxic

Oil paints have chemicals just like other paints, but not necessarily toxic chemicals. Generally, oil paints will contain oils, pigments, fillers and color enhancers. All the ingredients you will find in water paints are the same that you will get in oil paints and there are not toxic pigments. The processing of cooking oil and painting oil is different but the oil inside paints is usually safe as that in seed oil. The solution to avoid poisonous paints is easy. Avoid the cheap paints. The cheap paints mostly contain highly toxic ingredients unsuitable for usage.

Misconception 8: You have to strip furniture before painting

When repainting your furniture, it’s not a must that you remove the old coat to paint a new one. Paint service professionals will recommend you to remove an old paint if it happens to be peeling off. Applying paint on such a surface would not bear good results as the problem will recur.

Always avoid manual stripping and use a chemical striper to avoid the laborious job. But if the current paint is adhering well, you can just sand the part before repainting.

Misconception 9: Any brush can work with any paint

When choosing the brush to use you have to consider two things: the material of the bristles and their shape. Mostly bristles will be in three shapes which include rounded, filbert and flat. When watercolor painting, the best brushes are sable or squirrel with rounded bristles while those for acrylic paints should be synthetic with a flat tip. Moreover, for oil painting, the best brushes to use should be synthetic with a filbert tip.

Misconception 10: Anyone can mix colors

To mix colors, you must have understood the color wheel. The color wheel is a map guiding you on how to create new colors. It always has three sets of colors. The primary colors are red, blue and yellow and comes straight from a tube hence can’t be produced by simply mixing other colors. However, you can easily make the secondary colors which include orange, green and purple by mixing the primary colors. The tertiary colors result from mixing the secondary colors with the primary colors.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Ways To Select Reliable HDB Painting Company

Ways To Select Reliable HDB Painting Company
Are you looking for a paint contractor to paint your HDB flat? Well, getting a house painted takes a lot of planning. Moreover, it requires expertise and patience that is hard to find anywhere and everywhere. Giving your home a makeover through painting service is a cost-effective way to breathe life in your home.
 The end results are incredible and your place becomes a lot more fresh and livable.

It is imperative to get your house repainted frequently to maintain the health and betterment of your house walls. Hiring a professional HDB painting service can bring a dramatic change in the overall appearance of your home, making it most stylish and welcoming.

However, there are plenty of painting companies that claim to provide superior quality services at affordable rates. It can get a lot difficult to choose any one particular company for your work. You need to be sure that you choose the right company to ensure quality and impressive results. A well painted home doesn't only look nice, but its market value also increases. Thus, you must make sure that you get your HDB home painted by specialized HDB painter only.

 In this article we have pointed out most important things that you must consider when selecting painting services.

Reputation Of The Painting Company:
 It is imperative to do a bit of research on the reputation and stability factor of the company you are considering. You can talk to people living in nearby areas of the company's establishment or search on the internet to know more about its market reputation. You can also visit the office of the company to get more information about the company. You can talk to the officials of the company and ask them to give you at least 15 references of the work they have completed recently.

Experience And Methodology: Experience plays a vital role in such kind of services. The more experience the company would have in this field, the more quality work it is going to deliver. Ask them about their past work and how many assignments they have been able to complete since establishment. You may not get the exact numbers, but this will help you to know the market stand of the company. Ask them about their specializations. For instance, if you are looking to get textured paints, do not forget to ask them if they are comfortable with textured paints or not. Not every company has the specialization in every type of painting service. You need to be specific about your requirements and pick accordingly.

Service Before, During And After The Project:
Do not overlook the quality of services of the company you are considering. A good HDB painting service provider should be able to provide warranty in writing. Also, it is imperative for a company to have a well organized customer support system so that you don't have to face any problem in case there is a problem with the paint after completion of the project. You can search on the internet for the reviews and feedback on the service quality of the company in question.

We hope these tips will help you find the right HDB painter for your next home renovation process. When it comes to hiring, it is necessary to evaluate the working and services of the company thoroughly for a professional experience.