Tuesday, September 26, 2017

How To Paint Your Home?

Painting these days is one of the most artistic thing you can do to your house, because there are so many ways to go. You can either go for a subtle and classy look, or stylish and complex looks. It totally depends on your aesthetics and define your personality.

You can always hire professionals to paint your house, but these days, people are so disconnected from their artistic sides, due to stress and tough work routines. So to save a few bucks and add a personal touch to your place, you may prefer to paint your house on your own. Just try it sometime and you would wonder why you didn’t knew house painting with all these painting tips was so much fun!

How to paint the house

Follow these simple steps and you can paint your house like a pro! Don’t forget to play with colors as you may like, because house painting is all about fun and being artsy!

Step 1: Prepare to paint

Make sure all the areas which you want to protect from paint drops, paint stains are covered. You can use a scotch tape to cover the boundaries of the wall in case you are doing different colors for each wall. After the boundaries are secured, you can cover the floors with appropriate plastic wrap or old cloth to make sure your floor or carpet is not stained.

Wear some old shirt you don’t care about, and try some plastic gloves for your hands. Please keep all the equipment close, including the brushes, roller, paint tin, mixing trays etc. You can cover the special spots like circuit board, switch board etc. with tape to avoid paint splashes in them.

Step 2: Get the boundaries done right

Next step is to start painting the edges of the wall with brushes. Add the paint in a tray and start dipping the brush in it. One of the most important painting tips would be to avoid dripping of the paint all over the place, by removing excess paint from the brushes on the tray and then move on to the wall.

Start with small strokes and apply the paint to the wall, then spread it evenly across the boundaries. Be careful with the edges as it may spread to unwanted areas. Use a medium sized and angled brush for maximizing perfection in your house painting. When the boundaries are done, look for any specialized spots requiring attention to paint, which cannot be done by roller, for example around the switch boards, windows, hanging places etc.

Step 3: Spread the paint

Time to work on the even spaces. Dip the roller in paint tray and spread it on the wall. Start with a huge W, then merging the paint onto the wall. This may take some time depending upon the area you want to cover. Just be relaxed and make sure the paint is not dripping because it is difficult to cover the drops after they are dried up.

Step 4: Check for extra coats
Wait for a few hours before the color dries. Only then you can view the finished result of the paint color. When the paint is fully dry, check if you require extra coats. If the previous color was slightly dark or from totally different color family, you may require a couple of more coats. Just wait till the first coat completely dries up, then apply the fresh coat. Otherwise the paint will start chipping off the walls giving a nasty look.

Step 5: Finish up

After complete drying out of the last coat, you can try some styling with the paint. When it is done, remove the scotch tapes from the boundaries of the wall you just painted. Tear them off softly to avoid fragments coming out of the paint. A painting tip coming up people! If the tape is not coming off, try a blow dryer pointed towards it, it will help melt the adhesive from the tape and thus will keep from damaging the wall. Remove the cloth from the floor and you are ready to rock your new paint!

Painting tips for Stylish techniques

You can try texturing the walls using several techniques, out of which the most basic is done by using a joint compound. It is mostly like plaster of Paris, but is mixed with water to a consistency you require. For detailed designs, use a thicker version and for less detailed version, use a little dilute.

Simply, apply the joint compound on the wall, and dab the item with the texture you require. It can be a sponge, a folded plastic, a stenciled roller, or any of the flat or zigzag spreading tools. You can be as creative as you may like. Then, let it dry. After drying, you can apply a coat of your favorite color. This texturing can also be used to cover up any flaws of the walls.

How to choose color for House Painting

Some more important painting tips would be about choosing a specific color. Whenever you are trying to choose a color to paint, make sure you:

Focus on your favorites, pretty obvious, but consider it a painting tip to check your closet for clothing, favorite pictures in magazines etc. It will save a lot of time.

Use existing items in your house as guides like furniture, paintings to compliment the house paint
Consider your room size, go for darks if you like it to be small and cozy or choose light and subtler for large and spacious look

Align it with other walls, which paint will support the color of interior walls and compliment the exterior of the house. Shades should flow from space to space.

Examine the lighting, the natural daylight shows the actual color, incandescent lights show the warmer version of the color with yellow tinges whereas the fluorescent lights emphasize the cooler shades of the color with bluer tinges.

Determine the purpose of the area to be painted, if you are supposed to energize the room, use warmer tones like reds and yellows. For creating a relaxed vibe in the room, go for the browns and grays. You can also play around with sheen aka gloss. More sheen can brighten the area, whereas flat paints will give a formal and decent appeal.

Try some samples to check how the paint will look on the wall, you can try samples, by painting a section of the actual wall, or a separate wall piece to compare and decide correctly.

Paint Brands to follow

ICI Berger Paints

These are one of the most famous paint manufacturer in Singapore. The company formed after a merger of ICI and Berger which promised to provide best quality paint brand. This brand is famous for both interior and exterior collection. It guarantees the paint will stay on for longer so you don’t have to do it in short intervals. It fights of weather and stains thus being more durable.

Nippon Paints

One more paint brand prominent in Singapore is Nippon Paint. It is a Japanese based company with promising ingredients and high quality. One of the best advantage is that they have a huge color palate so you can choose between so many colors and select the specific shade you like the most. This product can be purchased from any outlet as these are very famous paint brand in Singapore.

Jotun Singapore
Another upcoming paint brand in Singapore is Jotun, which has a range of products in different categories including exterior, interior, wood and metal etc. they provide advisory as well for better selection, use and application of products. In addition to those, supplementary services like paint calculator and color advisor as painting tips are also provided to the customers for house painting, which is pretty cool.

Friday, March 10, 2017

9 Home Painting Tips

Have you bought a new house and you are thinking of repainting it or are you thinking of repainting your current home to give it new look? If yes then you are making a right decision. Painting your home has many benefits. It not only helps to hide permanent marks and stains but it also increases the value of your property. Good painting also helps to provide positive energy. However, just like any other profession, painting has its own secrets and tricks. If you want to give your home a perfect look by painting, there are some things that you need to know. In this article, we are going to give you home painting tips that will completely transform the look of your house.

1. Paint in warm months
One secrete that most people usually don’t know is painting their houses in during dry months. Painting your home during wet season is not advised. This is because humid condition will slow the drying process of the paint and this can compromise the quality of the paint. The more time the paint takes to dry, the less impressive the outcome will be. Experts therefore advice that you always paint your home during warmer months because the paint will dry fast.

2. Inspect before you paint
Before you start the painting process, it is crucial that you take your time and inspect the wall to be painted thoroughly. Check if there are cracks or areas that need to be fix before the painting process starts. If you start painting without inspecting the wall, you will end up compromising the overall look of the wall. This is because the paint will be uneven. Ensure that all the cracks are fixed before you start the painting process so as to get quality results that you have been looking for.

3. Buy quality paint, brush painter tape and cover rollers
If you want to get quality result, then you must buy quality painting materials. This include buying quality paint, brushes, painter tapes as well as roller covers. Good roller covers as well as brushes will provide better coverage when painting. This means that you will not be forced to make numerous paint reapplication in order to achieve the desired results. On the other hand, quality painter tape will come in handy in sealing blurs and drips. When you buy quality paint, you will use less paint but the result will be outstanding. The paint will stay in good shape for years if well maintained.

4. Protect things that won’t be painted
When painting your home, there are things that you will not want to paint. If you have items that you don’t want to paint, ensure that you cover them well to prevent interference. If possible, remove items that are portable and place them in other rooms that will not be painted to protect them. In addition to that, you also need to remove any item that will slow or compromise your work. The room to be painted should be empty to make the painting process easy.

5. Clean dirty surface before you start painting
Before you start the painting process, it is crucial that you first clean dirty wall before you start the painting process. If you decide to paint very dirty or oily surface, the paint will easily peel off. It is therefore very important to first take you time and clean grimy areas using heavy duty cleaner that has been specifically formulated for pre-painting cleaning. Cleaning dirty or oily wall before painting is crucial because it will make the wall to form stronger bond.

6. Mix several paint in one big bucket
If you are painting a large room, it is recommend that you mix several paints in one large bucket. This will ensure that there is consistency in your painting. Painting color can vary from one can to other. If your paint runs out while in the middle and you are forced to open a new paint, the difference may be noticed later. However, if you mix several paints together, this problem will not occur.

7. When painting start from the top
Good painters always have a plan. Don’t just start painting from anywhere. For quality painting, you need to start painting from the top progressing slowly to the bottom. Whether you are using a brush or a roller, it is important that from the top. Starting from the bottom will compromise the quality of your painting because it will be vulnerable to paint splash among other things. Start from the top then slowly progress to the bottom to give your home quality and consistent texture.

8. Wait the paint to dry completely before you cut the tape off
Once you have finished painting, you need to allow the paint to dry off completely. Don’t be in hurry to cut the tap loss because it will tear the paint off the wall. Give the paint enough time to dry then use a sharp object like a knife to cut the tape off. Start the process in an inconspicuous areas so as to be sure that the paint is strong enough to hold on when you are cutting the tape loose.

9. Use canvas cloth to prevent paint spill
Regardless of how good you are in painting, spills and spatters are bound to happen. It is therefore very important to prepare in advance to prevent spills from damaging your carpet or the floor. One of the most recommend methods of preventing spills and spatter is using canvas drop cloth in the painting area. Canvas are highly recommend because they are not slippery like plastic drop cloths. In addition to that, they also keep the painting area dry preventing your shoes or even clothes from getting paint stains. However, despite their effectiveness, you need to wipe large spills immediately to prevent them from seeping through.

In concussion, giving your house a good paint is not difficult as many people think. However, if you are painting your home for the first time, you need to do things slowly to prevent making mistakes. By following the above mentioned tips, you will give your house a brand new look without spending even single cent hiring the services of a professional painter.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Considering House Painting Services For Singapore

Homeowners need to consider acquiring house painting services for Singapore when it comes time to change the look of their home. Some may be tempted to try and do it themselves, but there is a lot more that goes into this project than most expect.

To ensure that the job gets done right, professionals are a sagacious choice. This takes the pressure off of the family and puts it into capable hands.

Before hiring someone for their house painting services for Singapore, the homeowner must research and compare many different companies that do this to be sure they are hiring the right people for the job. Whether a home needs the same color or a completely different one, the home will look brand new after the job is finished.

Changing the appearance of a home can increase the value drastically. As a matter of fact, any home renovation project can make a home worth more money.

When many homeowners decide that it is time to sell their home, they do a pre-move renovation so that the home will bring in more profit. This is an excellent choice for both parties.

The seller gets a higher price for the house, while the buyer gets new additions or something restored. Obviously, the first thing that a potential buyer will look at is the house itself, so it is very beneficial to the seller of the home to acquire house painting services for Singapore to make the home look brand new. The odds of selling the home are significantly increased if the buyer loves the way it looks on the outside.

Leaving this project to the professionals is a wise choice because they have many years of training and experience. They already have all of the proper tools and materials that will be needed to produce the finest quality of work.

If the family has chosen a color that is truly unique, the professionals can match that color correctly. Because of their experience, they will know all of the shortcuts and tips on how to get the most out of the paint.

Before the contractors begin working, they will sit down with the family to go over the plans and answer any questions that the family might have. This helps everyone feel more comfortable about the upcoming project.

The process of hiring a contractor for house painting services can be vital to the entire renovation. Just because they are listed as professionals, homeowners still have to be careful about who they hire.

The contractor needs to have a good reputation among its clients. People can check online for reviews of former clients and also be able to look at pictures from jobs they have done in the past. Asking neighbors, family, and friends can be very beneficial as well. When trusting someone with house painting services, the experience is everything.

A family should look for a contractor that has many years of experience under their belt. A long career and happy clients are what homeowners should base their decision on. So, increase the value, change the look, and get the whole neighborhood talking by altering the color of the home.

House Painting Services Increase the Value of Property

Home inner part assumes a key part in giving the best mood and nature while considering inside outline or interior part painting. The extent that personal part adornment or inside painting is the concern it requires less support contrasted with exterior surface painting. Both of them had their particular significance and obliged time to repaint however it's distinctive, which is secured and clarified further.

Painting your home uncovers emotional comes about and restores the magnificence of your esteemed stake, regardless of the fact that you never show signs of change a single color. Restore the magnificence of your home with outside and inner part house painting services.

House painting upkeep and caulking aides secure your home from climate harm brought about by water and the sun. Ignoring clearly peeling exterior surface paint can prompt high siding substitution costs. The state of the outside paint likewise aides focus a home's estimation. If the outside painting of your home reflects an abnormal amount of consideration, an individual looking to purchase a home will be surer that different ranges of your home have been given the same sort of cautious consideration.

Hiring a painting contractor for house painting services is a savvy alternative. Ordinarily, the exterior paint holds its great search enduring for 5-6 years relying upon the nature of the paint. Subsequently, when it appears that the building needs to be painted let the expert painter assess the current paint conditions and decide on the best to be required.

The vitality of painting and the perfect time of repainting still relies on upon parcel of variables like kind of paint, inside or outside surface painting, time interim, building, and development yet skilled painters will manage and suggest for the best financially savvy paint necessity required.

When you pull into your carport every day, as opposed to considering the house paint that needs to be carried out, now is the right time for you to call for painting services.

There are numerous things to consider and various choices that need to be made when house painting. The specialists at M3 have given house painting services to several homes and help customers settle on the enormous choices about outside paint shade. The Experts help customers select outside paint color by showing them about distinctive shade combos, how colors reflect styles and how to make a house look unique and fit in its surroundings.

House painting services specialists see how paramount it is for you to contract home painting experts that give most noteworthy quality craftsmanship. The time-tried procedure is intended to certification you a stunningly painted home.

Homeowners should initially focus their efforts on reading consumer reviews. Consumer reviews are traditionally understood to be the foundation of what consumers focus on when receiving as much information as possible about any hiring decision. This usually ensures that any selection made is as informed as possible.

There should also be focus placed upon making sure any professionals considered offer a free consultation. The consultation process is traditionally performed to help consumers gain an understanding of what is required for their home and particular project. This should be offered during the preliminary stages of the selection process.

The options available in various colors and types of paints should be quite vast and extensive. There are many occasions where consumers are specifically focused on specific colors they wish to see in different rooms. Professionals with a limited inventory should be avoided as part of this selection.

The price charged by professionals is usually very competitive and comparable with one another in most major areas. Professionals that offer the lowest price for the best services are always the best to choose from.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Improve Your Properties With Professional House Painter Services

Needless to say, our houses need a bit of retouching or facelift from time to time. Over the years, our homes go through a lot of wear and tear which it needs to be painted after a certain point to not just enhance its visual appeal but also increases its value. But finding a good painter is not a cakewalk. On the contrary, it's extremely tricky unless you know exactly what to do.

Like in any other domain, there is a vast gulf in the skill level, experience, working style of painters. Usually, there are two kinds of painters - expensive and cheap. But the quality of these professionals does not always depend on the price they charge. This means that it can happen that a hugely expensive painter might not always provide a great level of services and vice versa.

To revitalize the home and office, house painting is a great idea. But it is not possible to do the activity yourself; it is a tedious job and needs proper tools and equipment. In that condition, it would be better to hire the house painting services. They are easily available and are always ready to serve you the best. Choose the one that is trustworthy and do a great job at an affordable price. To find a painter who performs the quality job, get the references or consult with the local paint store. Otherwise, you will find the contractors who are not skilled and experienced in doing the job.

Go online or search for the professional house painter through other means, you will find various house painting service companies that render the services of the licensed and professional painters. The companies offer the painting services for both the commercial and residential properties. Painting is done to preserve and maintain the interiors and enhances the appearance. Services of licensed professional ensure that your project will complete professionally, on time and within budget.

It is necessary to select the right color for your residential or commercial property. The professional painters will advice on the type of colors that better suits the place. The painters also use the latex paint that protects the house from moisture. Brushes are also an important thing that needs to be of good quality. Good brush maintenance is essential for the better results. The professional house painters have the best quality of brushes in tip top shape that deliver the best quality results.

Hiring the professional services make you feel relaxed from the tedious job. The contractors feel pride in delivering the better quality services through dedicated workmanship. The advantages are you are not required to choose the colors for the room, the professional take all the headache. If you have any suggestion or special requirements you can suggest them to apply.

The licensed professionals have the insurance that covers the damage during the job. So, you need not worry for bearing the medical expenses. The contractors before starting the job visit the place to examine and measure the area to paint. The professionals understand the importance of your property, so they take care to handle the precious items carefully. After the job is done, they also clean up the area and remove the marks of paints on the floors and windows.

Painting is not a job of a single day, and it needs skills. Hiring the professional house painter is a good decision that leads to successful painted home and office. Get the more recommendations and advice by the painting companies available online.

How To Hire A Professional Painter services

You may want to start by asking people you trust for recommendations. Speak to your Remember that you can also check websites for customer reviews and ratings.

Before your contracted painter begins work, they will draw up a temporary contract for you to sign. Make sure you understand the agreement of the contract when you sign them. Be sure that the contract includes which areas you need to be painted, which colors, how many coats of paint, and any particular brands or styles that you desire.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Benefits of Hiring Professional Painting Services in Singapore

If you have decided to paint your home in Singapore this festival season then either you can do it yourself if you know its technique or hire professional painting services for this purpose. You can easily improve the looks of your residential building along with protecting it from possible wear and tears by applying a fresh coat of paint to it. If you want to handle the things yourself then you will have to prepare yourself to face many odds as it is not easy to paint a house.

Such problem is faced by millions of Singaporeans every year. But most of them who do not find them able to do the things themselves usually search for professional painting service to accomplish the task. Though it is a personal decision to hire a painting contractor but you should know the benefits of selecting one before taking the next step in this regard.

Benefits of hiring a painting service

Affordable cost: If budget is not restraining you then it is beneficial to hire a professional painter to paint your home in Singapore. You can find various types of painting contractors in the market these days from which you can select the best one for this purpose. But you can also find various service providers who can provide painting services at a very reasonable cost to the people who have limited budget. But the quality of work may differ according to your budget.

Save time: Most of the Singaporeans search for painting contractors to accomplish this task as they do not have enough time for it. Painting a home requires large amount of time as it has to be primed and several coats of paint are applied to it. Moreover hiring a contractor allows them to use their time in more productive works.

Use of experience: By hiring professional painting services to paint your home in Singapore you can use their expertise and experience of many years to complete your task more effectively. A painting contractor can help in making your house look good by using all of his techniques and knowledge.

Avoid risk of physical challenges: If you paint your house yourself then you may have to face various types of physical risks and challenges to complete the task. All these things can be avoided by hiring a trained painting contractor.

Professionals take pain: You may make lots of mistakes if you paint your home yourself in Singapore as painting is a laborious and non interesting job. You can avoid these mistakes by hiring a professional and experienced painter. They know how to complete the job respectfully and quickly as per the requirement of their client.

So you should choose professional painting services in Singapore for various reasons, as discussed briefly in this write-up, to paint your home. But you can avail all these benefits only when you choose the best painting contractor for this purpose. While choosing a painting contractor you should know how to find the best professional so that you can complete the task as per your requirements within your budget. Some tips are provided here under to help you in this respect.

Tips to find good painting services in Singapore

It is not easy to find good painting services in Singapore unless you know some basic things in this regard. You can find various types of painting contractors in Singapore but to find the best one you will have to consider certain things briefly discussed in this write-up.

Professional attitude: The professional attitude of a painter in Singapore makes him a good painter. The painter you select should be professionally trained and well versed with the code of professional conduct while working at your place to deliver his services. It will assure you to get honest and the best services without any fraudulence. So you should search of a painter who can assure to provide quality services while painting your home.

Variety of services: If the painter you choose is able to provide wide variety of quality services then he can be termed as a good painter. Such professional will try to face all the challenges to complete the task as required by the client instead of ignoring challenges. Some professional painting services in Singapore offer services for exterior painting, commercial painting, HDB painting and condo painting side by side. Such painters can provide high quality services due to diversity in their professional knowledge.

Reputation: The reputation of the painting contractor is another important point to be considered while choosing the best one in Singapore. Hiring a painter with good reputation will ensure you to get the best services throughout. So before committing to hire a painter you should do extensive research about the reputation of some of the painter in your area instead of hiring one who comes first in your contact. You can have reviews of his previous clients and look at testimonials of the painter to judge the quality of his work and his reputation among his clients. You should also search the track record of the painter you choose to know about his professionalism to know the type of services he can provide as per your requirement.

Delivery of services: The painting services you choose to get your home painted in Singapore should be able to deliver quality services as per your satisfaction. So you should not compromise with a painter who cannot satisfy you at the end of the day. You should be sue that the painter you have employed tries to provide work quality as desired by you. He must complete all the works as per your requirement by providing focused services like better professional attitude better humanitarian behaviour better painting service and better manners of communication.

Thus, by following the tips provide in this write-up you can easily choose the best professional painting services in Singapore to paint your home every year. You can easily improve the looks of your home without disturbing your work schedule by hiring a good painting service.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Things To Do To Fix Wall Hairline Cracks

Hairline Cracks on walls at times signify a very serious, architectural issue. Essentially the most frequent interior paint issues are the appearance of the hairline cracks. If we reside in Singapore, where the weather is frequently humid and warm, then we stand a level greater chance for hairline cracks to seem in the wall paint. Nevertheless, there are scenarios when the paint cracks since it was improperly applied.

The majority of Singapore houses have small hairline cracks in the wall, as the humidity is just too high and it has a direct impact on the paint. Don't even think that simply because the cracks are smaller, they will not get bigger. Actually, hairline cracks have a tendency to get worse over time, particularly if no steps are taken to enable them to be fixed. The most notable causes contributing to the appearance of hairline cracks in fresh paint is the Climate. The key culprit, as we have experienced for ourselves, relates to the truth that Singapore is situated in a tropical climate. Even so, it doesn't mean there are not some things we can do so as to solve the issue. This is what we can do to fix the hairline cracks in the walls.

Things to do to fix hairline cracks on walls

1. Determine the Wall Type
The initial step to fix cracks in walls is to figure out what the cracked wall incorporates. Whether we are handling a concrete wall, a dry wall or a plaster wall, also known as sheetrock, wallboard or plasterboard impacts the way in which we should begin fixing the crack.

2. Analyze the Cracks

a. If Not too deep
If the hairline cracks aren't too deep, then we may be able to fix the problem much easier than we think about. Simply take one of those scrapers which are widely used for the prep of the spot to be painted and try to take away the loose paint. The spot in which we have taken out the paint ought to be sanded as a way to soften the edges. Then, make sure to prime the area, once we would usually do with any kind of our wall which is going to be painted. Finally we can apply paint to the surface area and wait for it to dry off before we apply a new layer, if that is essential.

b. If deep
If the hairline cracks are too deep and they have been through all the paint layers, then we may need to take an exclusive material as a way to fill the cracks. Only as we have applied filling materials, we can use a whole new coat of paint in the region.

3. Cleaning the cracks
To paint the hairline crack, to start with, we should consider cleaning it prior to going ahead for the paint. To perform the cleaning we can draw out all the loose contaminants and we can try to take away the dirt with all the right equipment. Additionally, if possible, we can make use of a top quality vacuum cleaner and we can pull all the dust and dirt from it. This will help us have a great outcome in all the after steps and it will eliminate the problems also for us later on work.

4. Filling the cracks
There exist several fillers out there in the market and we can pick one of the best for filling. Whenever we do the filling in the hairline cracks, then we have to ensure that we do the filling up correctly and if a crack is much deeper, then we do not do the shallow filling. Also, we ought to do this filling in the whole crack line without missing. This one safety measure will assure we don't leave any of the pages un-turned and we obtain the good result with it.

5. Evening out the cracks
We can get an excellent smooth and sleek finish in the hairline crack and paint only when we smoothen out the fillings. For this level of smoothness, we could scrap the entire spreading or filling up using a very good quality scraper. This scrapper can take away all the leftover residues from the area and it will also provide a smooth finish.

6. Letting the filling to dry
If we'd paint the hairline cracks prior to drying it, then we won't be getting the beneficial outcome at all. To prevent such issues, it is highly recommended that we allow the filling to dry. In a regular situation it might take a day and if required then let it dry for 2 days also. In Singapore, occasionally weather could be very damp and that might take additional time as well. So, whatever time that it takes to make sure we allow it to dry and we start the paint work thereafter.

7. Checking the cracks
Once filling is totally dried, then we have to look into the cracks again and we need to ensure there aren't cracks in it. At times this may occur once the filling is dried out and if we paint on this kind of hairline cracks, then it might improve much more. To prevent such issue, it is highly recommended that people cross check the same once again and do the painting properly.

8. Painting
After this we could paint the wall making use of high quality paint and we can do the painting in step-by-step manner. When we do the paint, then we have to ensure that we stick to the right methods for painting and we should also do it utilizing appropriate tools. These are important and if we can do it wisely, then this is a guarantee that we could have an excellent outcome owning no troubles whatsoever. Also, we don't have to be worried about more difficulties or issues if we get it done in right ways, then we'd be able to have a very beneficial outcome for actually very long time.

There are solutions to fixing the hairline cracks that can be found in our paint. Guaranteed, provided the tropical climate of Singapore, we will possibly have to endure such troubles all of our life. If we're feeling like we can't deal with the mending of the hairline cracks on our very own, then we can often call up a group of professionals and allow them to handle the actual restoration process. They can also discover the actual cause that resulted in the appearance of hairline cracks and advise procedures or actions we can take in order to counteract their appearance in the foreseeable future and soon we will have the most amazing, freshly painted walls.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

6 Best Color To Paint Your HDB

The many Singaporeans living in HDB units think that they cannot run their imagination wild as they are stuck with similar type of design. But, this is a misconception. In fact, revamping or changing such a unit according to your style and preference is much easier than renovating a townhouse or building. Yes, just by painting your unit, you can make it homely and aesthetically pleasing. But, here it should be mentioned that it will be only possible if you choose the right color to paint the unit.

You need to choose a color that goes with the décor your own or the theme you want to portray. Beside this, you also need to make sure that you are painting the chosen color correctly and effectively so that you get the best result. Do not be overwhelmed by all this, as here the 6 best colors that will most definitely suit your HDB unit have been mentioned here. Along with the 6 different colors, some tips about painting such a unit are also mentioned for your convenience, so do read on to know more:

1. Photogenic White
Many Singaporeans think that the color White is best for offices and not for homes. But, white is an excellent color for homes, especially for a HDB unit. Most units suffer from lack of natural light and if you live in such a unit then white is your best option. It can, in a matter of minutes, make the place brighter. Beside this, most Singaporeans who are into social media and/or photography are considering this color for their unit as it makes the room much more photogenic. Besides, other reasons why white happens to be a great choice are as follows:

It will go with a same color themed décor or mix-and-match décor.
It is a clam and peaceful color.
It goes well with any other color.

2. Soothing Green
With so many different shades and texture of green available in the market today, you can turn a plain old unit into your dream home quite easily. With options like aqua green, pale green, mint, forest green and in textures like egg-shell finish or pearl smooth finish, you can transform each and every room according to the décor and your preference while maintaining the theme. Besides, “Earth” tone colors like green can calm your nerve and bring your inner peace every time you come home after a long day. Besides, other reasons to why green is a popular choice in Singapore are as follows:

It is perfect for highlighting something as the color does not saturate a room.
The “one with the nature” vibe of the color is very soothing.
The lighter shades are perfect for traditional décor while the darker shades are perfect backdrop for modern décor.

3. Versatile Beige
It you feel that you are living in a tight space, then the perfect color to paint your unit will be Beige. This is because; this color can make all the rooms in the unit look wider and much more open. The neutral tone of all shades of beige can act as a perfect backdrop for your expensive hanging art or family pictures. One of the reasons why beige is currently a popular choice will have to be because it compliments any color themed décor. Besides, other reasons to choose beige are as follows:

It provides an elegant and sophisticated touch to all rooms.
By mixing & matching the different shades you can achieve the accent wall design at a fraction of cost.
It compliments bold colors quite well.

4. Bright Yellow
Singaporeans mainly complain that because of the tight space in a unit they feel a bit confined. But, with a bright and bold yellow shade you can immediately bring a pop of energy to your boring unit. Because of the harsh summer weather, almost every Singaporean has installed an aircon which is a great but it does cut off the sun which is also another thing many complain about. Here also, bright color like yellow can help to brighten the unit and you will feel that you are enjoying sunrays all the time. Besides, other reasons why yellow makes a perfect choice are as follows:

It can provide a unique and vibrant feel to any room.
The color yellow is a great backdrop.
It goes with classic as well as contemporary décor.

5. Rustic Brown

Most Singaporeans own furniture that are wooden, and if you too own wooden furniture then the right choice of color for you should be brown. With darker shades of brown you can most definitely bring a rustic and homely feeling to your unit. But, if you own modern décor and/or furniture then you can try lighter shades of brown as this “Earth” tone color goes with every style. The elegant feel of the color makes it a great choice for accent wall also. Besides, other reasons to choose brown for your unit are as follows:

It can provide the option to paint darker color without dulling the unit.
It goes well with bright as well as dark colors.
It can provide a warm and relaxing feel.

6. Glamorous Black
When it comes to coloring a HDB unit most Singaporean will not even dream of choosing the color Black. But, this color is just want you need to bring that “it” factor to a plain unit. But, it is advised that you paint only one wall or the corners of the room black instead of all the walls to achieve the desired glamorous and bold effect. If your unit is already freshly painted and you are looking for a way to spice up your home then the color black will be perfect choice. Besides, as you will be painting few walls only instead of all walls with black, so it is also a much cheaper choice too. Besides, other reasons why you should choose black are as follows:

It can provide a stunning contrast effect with other colors.
It will go well with any style of décor.
It requires low maintenance.

Tips to keep in mind while painting a unit:

It is very important to apply paint on dry and clean surface to achieve a smooth finish.
If you use a primer before applying the paint then you will get a long lasting result.
If you are applying paint on all the walls then it will be best to remove all décor and furniture instead of covering them to be safe.
It will be best to opt for a professional if you do not know how to paint or do not own all the tools.

So now that you know everything, it is time to pick the shade you want so that you can start the process of transforming your HDB unit as soon as possible.