Monday, May 20, 2013

Ways To Select Reliable HDB Painting Company

Ways To Select Reliable HDB Painting Company
Are you looking for a paint contractor to paint your HDB flat? Well, getting a house painted takes a lot of planning. Moreover, it requires expertise and patience that is hard to find anywhere and everywhere. Giving your home a makeover through painting service is a cost-effective way to breathe life in your home.
 The end results are incredible and your place becomes a lot more fresh and livable.

It is imperative to get your house repainted frequently to maintain the health and betterment of your house walls. Hiring a professional HDB painting service can bring a dramatic change in the overall appearance of your home, making it most stylish and welcoming.

However, there are plenty of painting companies that claim to provide superior quality services at affordable rates. It can get a lot difficult to choose any one particular company for your work. You need to be sure that you choose the right company to ensure quality and impressive results. A well painted home doesn't only look nice, but its market value also increases. Thus, you must make sure that you get your HDB home painted by specialized HDB painter only.

 In this article we have pointed out most important things that you must consider when selecting painting services.

Reputation Of The Painting Company:
 It is imperative to do a bit of research on the reputation and stability factor of the company you are considering. You can talk to people living in nearby areas of the company's establishment or search on the internet to know more about its market reputation. You can also visit the office of the company to get more information about the company. You can talk to the officials of the company and ask them to give you at least 15 references of the work they have completed recently.

Experience And Methodology: Experience plays a vital role in such kind of services. The more experience the company would have in this field, the more quality work it is going to deliver. Ask them about their past work and how many assignments they have been able to complete since establishment. You may not get the exact numbers, but this will help you to know the market stand of the company. Ask them about their specializations. For instance, if you are looking to get textured paints, do not forget to ask them if they are comfortable with textured paints or not. Not every company has the specialization in every type of painting service. You need to be specific about your requirements and pick accordingly.

Service Before, During And After The Project:
Do not overlook the quality of services of the company you are considering. A good HDB painting service provider should be able to provide warranty in writing. Also, it is imperative for a company to have a well organized customer support system so that you don't have to face any problem in case there is a problem with the paint after completion of the project. You can search on the internet for the reviews and feedback on the service quality of the company in question.

We hope these tips will help you find the right HDB painter for your next home renovation process. When it comes to hiring, it is necessary to evaluate the working and services of the company thoroughly for a professional experience.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

7 Reasons To Hire Mr Painter

Painting service is one which people definitely utilize after every few years. There can be several reasons for taking this service. It can be because the previous paint has started to wear off or because you have just got bored by living in the same color scheme for a few years now. However, regardless of the reasons painting service companies are kept busy by the customers almost round the year.
The demand for these services has increased with the increasing population and therefore the increased number of houses being built. So consequently, the companies which offer paint service have also increased.

Mr. Painter provides the best services in town, and, it’s easy to understand why they value the statement made through these pointers.

• The first thing to look into is the experience of the company in the field and also that of the consultants present in the company. One who has experience will be in a better position to guide and suggest as he has dealt with the work in practical life.

• Next on the check list is that the company has a good record of its previous works. A good company will generally keep a portfolio of all the previous work that it has done in offices and homes. From the portfolio, you will be able to judge the quality of the work that the company has previously done. Some companies also provide the address where they have previously worked so that the customer can satisfy himself completely.

• All the dealing being done from the company’s’ end is crystal clear and nothing will be held back from the customer. So make sure that the information that finance brochure contains is being satisfied completely and there are no loop holes present. This approach is a very successful one and helps the company to win over the customer to some extent.

• Not all the companies offering the paint service will have professionals working with them. However. we are among the few which have professionals working with them and professional advice is available to the customers at all times.

• Commitment is another quality which is present in a good and reliable paint service company. They complete the job in the time frame that they committed for the painting process with their customer. Testimonials present with our company of our previous customers will help you decide the level of commitment that we have.

• Quality of the paint result depends highly on the quality of the products and the instruments in use. We, at “Mr. Painter”, make sure that everything being used is of the latest and the best quality. Therefore the results that we produce are also of top quality.

• Customer satisfaction is a very difficult and an easy job at the same time. If the company is flexible towards the customer’s choice then customer satisfaction is sure to be earned. If not then the response of the customers also goes bad.

If you will take a look at our company and read the testimonials yourself, you will definitely see that all the above mentioned necessities are present in “Mr. Painter”. And this is the fact that makes our company simply the best. So make the right choice by selecting our company as your paint service company.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What Is The Cost To Paint 4 Rm HDB?

Reliable and cost effective HDB painting service providers

HDB flats have always been considered as one of the most prized possessions in Singapore. Maintaining HDB flats will become a hassle free process with top quality HDB painting service providers and enhancing the overall appearance of the building will become a reality as well.

Reliable painting services will take care of the requirements of the customers in the best possible manner and every proud owner of a four-room HDB flat in Singapore makes great effort in identifying the best company that offers top quality painting services. Skilled and experienced professionals will take care of the flooring and furnishing and the painting works will be completed with great speed and accuracy by giving great importance to the convenience and schedule of the customers.

Choosing the most suitable paint assumes great significance and you will have different options like oil paints and latex paints to choose from. Experienced professional painters will be able to give you quality advice on where to apply latex paints or oil paints and reliable HDB painting service providers will always adopt a systematic method of approach for providing the much needed finish.

You will have the freedom to choose from various options like glossy finish, semi gloss finish, matte finish and eggshell finish and competent companies will help you to arrive at the best decision about the finish. The process of choosing the sheen also deserves great attention and you should think about style and practical considerations while choosing the sheen. All these tasks will become less complicated when you avail the services of a reputed HDB painting company and it is absolutely essential to conduct proper amount of online search before taking a decision in favor of a particular painting company.

Reliable and reputed painting services providers will always focus on cost effectiveness to safeguard the interests of the customers and free estimates will be handed over to the people to make the much needed transparency in financial matters. On an average level, the cost for painting a 3/4 bedroom flat will be in between $720 and $1380 and the task will be completed within one or two days as well. The cost varies, depending on the number of rooms and the size of the building and for a 5 room HDB flat, the cost will stand in between $820 and $1580.

Getting an approximate idea about the expenses involved well in advance will definitely help you and this aspect can only be associated with a top quality HDB painting service provider. Surface preparation assumes an importance of paramount and competent professionals always focus on this aspect as well. They will also give great importance for choosing the best painting materials available and such a method of approach will enhance the durability and aesthetic appeal of your HDB flat.

Reputed painting contractors will also offer highly beneficial warranty schemes to protect the interests of the customers in a cost effective manner and it can be said without an iota of doubt that the entire process of renovation will become a hassle free process.