Monday, February 15, 2016

8 Painting Ideas For Office in 2016

This is not a secret that all the employers want to have maximum productivity in their office. There is nothing wrong in this expectation and many employers or responsible people do everything to get this result. There are certain factors that can affect the productivity at any office in a positive or negative manner and paint of the office is one of those factors. If you make mistakes while painting your office, then you might get a dull and lifeless environment in your work place. I don’t need to explain this simple fact to you, that if you will have a dull working environment, then you are going to have only negative result for same. That is why, it is extremely important that you pay minute attention on your office painting work.

Here, I am sharing 8 painting idea for office in 2016 and it can certainly help you get great look with comfort and ease.

Avoid white color: This is true that white color is sign of peace and calmness, but in your office that might not be a good choice and I would never recommend you to use white color. White color is something that give a dull and lifeless feeling to many people and if they are surrounded by this color, then many of them feel they are in hospital. In a hospital you always get a feeling that is not very good and that is one big reason explaining why you should avoid using white color in your office. Same is the case for off white, cream and gravy color as well that can help you in this requirement with ease.

Choose bright color: Many employees always suggest their employers to use blue, light blue or green color. Other than this, they also give recommendation for red color for the office painting. In most of they situation they always recommend you to use bright colors for office painting and they always give less value to dull or non-inspiring colors. That means you should avoid using grey color to motivate people and you can use green to keep them motivated. Just selection of bright color will help you get the best outcome having no troubles at all.

Give a contrast: In year 2016, you should paint your office with a contrast design. That means if you have dark color furniture’s in your office, then you should choose some light yet bright colors for painting your office. Same is the case for curtain, blinds and other things as well. If you will plan your office painting without keeping these things in your mind, then you are going to have only positive result for same and you may get better outcome as well.

Add some graphics: Adding some graphics in your office along with painting is another good thing that you can do to give life to walls. When you will use graphics for your office painting, then you will be able to do things in much better way. For adding these graphics, you can simply paste some graphics on it and you can get good looks or you can do some painting on it. You can try the option which is suitable for you as per your choice. But this is certain that adding some graphics on the wall of your office along with painting will give a good look to your office.

Finishing is very important: If you are not paying attention on the finishing part, then all of your efforts will go to vein. This is extremely important that you do proper work in the finishing part. You should clean the walls before painting your office and you should also use proper finishing methods for same. If you will not have these basic precautions in your mind, then you are going to get negative result and a bad look in your office, So, it is extremely important that you do not make this mistake while painting your office to get a better look.

Don’t ignore any area: Sometime people have a tendency of ignoring those spaces or places that are non-visible to them. If you have this kind of area in your office and you are planning to ignore its painting due to any reasons, then I would ask you not to make this mistake. If you will make this mistake then you might need to paint that area again. Also, if someone visits that area due to any reason, then they might not get good feeling with it. So, make sure you do not make this mistake while taking their services.

Decorate with extras: Painting is one thing, but you can also add some other extras in it. These extras can include wind chime, some decorative pieces and other things. Indeed, this may sound funny for some people, but it can certainly add good look to your office. Other than this, you can also try to enhance the look of your office with some nice painting and other things. This will certainly help you get really good outcome in easy ways and you will not have any trouble as well while giving a new look to your office. You can also choose to showcase the painting or artwork by your employee’s kids and it will give a smile to your employees also when they will see masterpieces by their child’s.

Take help if needed: This is probably the most important thing that you have to remember while painting your office in 2016. Sometime you may not get all the essential things or details for painting your office. This extra help could be from some professional that know how to do the painting work in a proper manner or you can take some help from non-professional people as your assistant. Other than this, it is also important that you get right kind of tools and equipment’s for painting your office. That will certainly help you do your work in the best way and you will get good outcome as well in the painting work in your office.