Thursday, July 21, 2016

6 Best Color To Paint Your HDB

The many Singaporeans living in HDB units think that they cannot run their imagination wild as they are stuck with similar type of design. But, this is a misconception. In fact, revamping or changing such a unit according to your style and preference is much easier than renovating a townhouse or building. Yes, just by painting your unit, you can make it homely and aesthetically pleasing. But, here it should be mentioned that it will be only possible if you choose the right color to paint the unit.

You need to choose a color that goes with the décor your own or the theme you want to portray. Beside this, you also need to make sure that you are painting the chosen color correctly and effectively so that you get the best result. Do not be overwhelmed by all this, as here the 6 best colors that will most definitely suit your HDB unit have been mentioned here. Along with the 6 different colors, some tips about painting such a unit are also mentioned for your convenience, so do read on to know more:

1. Photogenic White
Many Singaporeans think that the color White is best for offices and not for homes. But, white is an excellent color for homes, especially for a HDB unit. Most units suffer from lack of natural light and if you live in such a unit then white is your best option. It can, in a matter of minutes, make the place brighter. Beside this, most Singaporeans who are into social media and/or photography are considering this color for their unit as it makes the room much more photogenic. Besides, other reasons why white happens to be a great choice are as follows:

It will go with a same color themed décor or mix-and-match décor.
It is a clam and peaceful color.
It goes well with any other color.

2. Soothing Green
With so many different shades and texture of green available in the market today, you can turn a plain old unit into your dream home quite easily. With options like aqua green, pale green, mint, forest green and in textures like egg-shell finish or pearl smooth finish, you can transform each and every room according to the décor and your preference while maintaining the theme. Besides, “Earth” tone colors like green can calm your nerve and bring your inner peace every time you come home after a long day. Besides, other reasons to why green is a popular choice in Singapore are as follows:

It is perfect for highlighting something as the color does not saturate a room.
The “one with the nature” vibe of the color is very soothing.
The lighter shades are perfect for traditional décor while the darker shades are perfect backdrop for modern décor.

3. Versatile Beige
It you feel that you are living in a tight space, then the perfect color to paint your unit will be Beige. This is because; this color can make all the rooms in the unit look wider and much more open. The neutral tone of all shades of beige can act as a perfect backdrop for your expensive hanging art or family pictures. One of the reasons why beige is currently a popular choice will have to be because it compliments any color themed décor. Besides, other reasons to choose beige are as follows:

It provides an elegant and sophisticated touch to all rooms.
By mixing & matching the different shades you can achieve the accent wall design at a fraction of cost.
It compliments bold colors quite well.

4. Bright Yellow
Singaporeans mainly complain that because of the tight space in a unit they feel a bit confined. But, with a bright and bold yellow shade you can immediately bring a pop of energy to your boring unit. Because of the harsh summer weather, almost every Singaporean has installed an aircon which is a great but it does cut off the sun which is also another thing many complain about. Here also, bright color like yellow can help to brighten the unit and you will feel that you are enjoying sunrays all the time. Besides, other reasons why yellow makes a perfect choice are as follows:

It can provide a unique and vibrant feel to any room.
The color yellow is a great backdrop.
It goes with classic as well as contemporary décor.

5. Rustic Brown

Most Singaporeans own furniture that are wooden, and if you too own wooden furniture then the right choice of color for you should be brown. With darker shades of brown you can most definitely bring a rustic and homely feeling to your unit. But, if you own modern décor and/or furniture then you can try lighter shades of brown as this “Earth” tone color goes with every style. The elegant feel of the color makes it a great choice for accent wall also. Besides, other reasons to choose brown for your unit are as follows:

It can provide the option to paint darker color without dulling the unit.
It goes well with bright as well as dark colors.
It can provide a warm and relaxing feel.

6. Glamorous Black
When it comes to coloring a HDB unit most Singaporean will not even dream of choosing the color Black. But, this color is just want you need to bring that “it” factor to a plain unit. But, it is advised that you paint only one wall or the corners of the room black instead of all the walls to achieve the desired glamorous and bold effect. If your unit is already freshly painted and you are looking for a way to spice up your home then the color black will be perfect choice. Besides, as you will be painting few walls only instead of all walls with black, so it is also a much cheaper choice too. Besides, other reasons why you should choose black are as follows:

It can provide a stunning contrast effect with other colors.
It will go well with any style of décor.
It requires low maintenance.

Tips to keep in mind while painting a unit:

It is very important to apply paint on dry and clean surface to achieve a smooth finish.
If you use a primer before applying the paint then you will get a long lasting result.
If you are applying paint on all the walls then it will be best to remove all décor and furniture instead of covering them to be safe.
It will be best to opt for a professional if you do not know how to paint or do not own all the tools.

So now that you know everything, it is time to pick the shade you want so that you can start the process of transforming your HDB unit as soon as possible.