Tuesday, September 26, 2017

How To Paint Your Home?

Painting these days is one of the most artistic thing you can do to your house, because there are so many ways to go. You can either go for a subtle and classy look, or stylish and complex looks. It totally depends on your aesthetics and define your personality.

You can always hire professionals to paint your house, but these days, people are so disconnected from their artistic sides, due to stress and tough work routines. So to save a few bucks and add a personal touch to your place, you may prefer to paint your house on your own. Just try it sometime and you would wonder why you didn’t knew house painting with all these painting tips was so much fun!

How to paint the house

Follow these simple steps and you can paint your house like a pro! Don’t forget to play with colors as you may like, because house painting is all about fun and being artsy!

Step 1: Prepare to paint

Make sure all the areas which you want to protect from paint drops, paint stains are covered. You can use a scotch tape to cover the boundaries of the wall in case you are doing different colors for each wall. After the boundaries are secured, you can cover the floors with appropriate plastic wrap or old cloth to make sure your floor or carpet is not stained.

Wear some old shirt you don’t care about, and try some plastic gloves for your hands. Please keep all the equipment close, including the brushes, roller, paint tin, mixing trays etc. You can cover the special spots like circuit board, switch board etc. with tape to avoid paint splashes in them.

Step 2: Get the boundaries done right

Next step is to start painting the edges of the wall with brushes. Add the paint in a tray and start dipping the brush in it. One of the most important painting tips would be to avoid dripping of the paint all over the place, by removing excess paint from the brushes on the tray and then move on to the wall.

Start with small strokes and apply the paint to the wall, then spread it evenly across the boundaries. Be careful with the edges as it may spread to unwanted areas. Use a medium sized and angled brush for maximizing perfection in your house painting. When the boundaries are done, look for any specialized spots requiring attention to paint, which cannot be done by roller, for example around the switch boards, windows, hanging places etc.

Step 3: Spread the paint

Time to work on the even spaces. Dip the roller in paint tray and spread it on the wall. Start with a huge W, then merging the paint onto the wall. This may take some time depending upon the area you want to cover. Just be relaxed and make sure the paint is not dripping because it is difficult to cover the drops after they are dried up.

Step 4: Check for extra coats
Wait for a few hours before the color dries. Only then you can view the finished result of the paint color. When the paint is fully dry, check if you require extra coats. If the previous color was slightly dark or from totally different color family, you may require a couple of more coats. Just wait till the first coat completely dries up, then apply the fresh coat. Otherwise the paint will start chipping off the walls giving a nasty look.

Step 5: Finish up

After complete drying out of the last coat, you can try some styling with the paint. When it is done, remove the scotch tapes from the boundaries of the wall you just painted. Tear them off softly to avoid fragments coming out of the paint. A painting tip coming up people! If the tape is not coming off, try a blow dryer pointed towards it, it will help melt the adhesive from the tape and thus will keep from damaging the wall. Remove the cloth from the floor and you are ready to rock your new paint!

Painting tips for Stylish techniques

You can try texturing the walls using several techniques, out of which the most basic is done by using a joint compound. It is mostly like plaster of Paris, but is mixed with water to a consistency you require. For detailed designs, use a thicker version and for less detailed version, use a little dilute.

Simply, apply the joint compound on the wall, and dab the item with the texture you require. It can be a sponge, a folded plastic, a stenciled roller, or any of the flat or zigzag spreading tools. You can be as creative as you may like. Then, let it dry. After drying, you can apply a coat of your favorite color. This texturing can also be used to cover up any flaws of the walls.

How to choose color for House Painting

Some more important painting tips would be about choosing a specific color. Whenever you are trying to choose a color to paint, make sure you:

Focus on your favorites, pretty obvious, but consider it a painting tip to check your closet for clothing, favorite pictures in magazines etc. It will save a lot of time.

Use existing items in your house as guides like furniture, paintings to compliment the house paint
Consider your room size, go for darks if you like it to be small and cozy or choose light and subtler for large and spacious look

Align it with other walls, which paint will support the color of interior walls and compliment the exterior of the house. Shades should flow from space to space.

Examine the lighting, the natural daylight shows the actual color, incandescent lights show the warmer version of the color with yellow tinges whereas the fluorescent lights emphasize the cooler shades of the color with bluer tinges.

Determine the purpose of the area to be painted, if you are supposed to energize the room, use warmer tones like reds and yellows. For creating a relaxed vibe in the room, go for the browns and grays. You can also play around with sheen aka gloss. More sheen can brighten the area, whereas flat paints will give a formal and decent appeal.

Try some samples to check how the paint will look on the wall, you can try samples, by painting a section of the actual wall, or a separate wall piece to compare and decide correctly.

Paint Brands to follow

ICI Berger Paints

These are one of the most famous paint manufacturer in Singapore. The company formed after a merger of ICI and Berger which promised to provide best quality paint brand. This brand is famous for both interior and exterior collection. It guarantees the paint will stay on for longer so you don’t have to do it in short intervals. It fights of weather and stains thus being more durable.

Nippon Paints

One more paint brand prominent in Singapore is Nippon Paint. It is a Japanese based company with promising ingredients and high quality. One of the best advantage is that they have a huge color palate so you can choose between so many colors and select the specific shade you like the most. This product can be purchased from any outlet as these are very famous paint brand in Singapore.

Jotun Singapore
Another upcoming paint brand in Singapore is Jotun, which has a range of products in different categories including exterior, interior, wood and metal etc. they provide advisory as well for better selection, use and application of products. In addition to those, supplementary services like paint calculator and color advisor as painting tips are also provided to the customers for house painting, which is pretty cool.